There are a lot of things people get wrong about Idaho. Just think about the myths you’ve heard. We all grow potatoes and the entire state is nothing but potato fields. We’re located in the Midwest. It rains here all the time. 

No, we don’t. No, we’re not. And no, this isn’t Seattle. The one thing people DO get right about Idaho is saying how absolutely gorgeous the state is. From our national forests to our beautiful lakes to our picturesque mountains and winding rivers, Idaho is full of beautiful places to visit! 

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Whether you’ve lived in Idaho your entire life, a few decades or just moved here, how many of the state’s most famous landmarks, both natural and manmade, do you think you can identify just by looking at a single photo? 

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Before you get a little too full of yourself, you should know that we’re talking about a top-down image from Google Earth! Obviously, some landmarks like Albertsons Stadium and Boise State’s iconic blue turf are going to be much easier to identify than others. The Blue, just like these eight other colorful fields that Boise State gave their blessing to in places like Washington, Arkansas and Iowa, really stands out on Google Maps. 

Image via Google Maps
Image via Google Maps

Others are a little more challenging to identify if you’re not looking at them straight on, but it's a challenge you’re down for. Great! Because we put together a pop quiz of 15 different Idaho locations for you to name!

As you scroll down, you’ll see the aerial Google Earth image of an Idaho landmark and a helpful hint that should help you solve what it is. Look around for context clues like waterways, highways, other buildings that may give away what you’re looking at. And remember, North is always at the top of the image. 

Good luck!

Pop Quiz: Can You Guess These Idaho Landmarks From Google Earth Images?

We'll start out easy and give you hints! How many did YOU get correct?

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