Have you had enough of 2020? Do you want to pack up your loved ones and escape to your own private island? Well, you can and you don't even have to leave the state! 

I try to hide it the best I can, but I deal with some pretty high functioning anxiety. 2020's really tested the "functioning" part of my anxiety. Lately, I've found myself trying to stay away from social media and not watching the news. Everything on it is bad. Everything on it is scary. Facts not fear went out the window seven months ago.

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If you're feeling the same way, you can actually escape it all and relax on your own private island for a few days! If you jump on Airbnb, you can rent an Island Retreat near Rigby that can house up to 12 guests!

According to the listing, the five-acre island is accessible by an automatic gate that allows you to cross a side channel of the Snake River to your own private paradise. On the island, you'll find a spacious 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom house surrounded by spacious decks and a hot tub perfect for star gazing!

While we wouldn't plan on being connected during a stay on a private island, there is Wi-Fi, TV and a laptop-friendly workspace if you need to access the outside world.

It is a bit pricey at $759 a night, but if you split it up amongst twelve people it works out to about $63.25 per person for nice.

Thinking it's just the escape you need? Take a look around!

Idaho Island Retreat | Rigby, Idaho

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