What was meant to be a fun date night for my husband and I quickly turned into a really crappy evening...literally.

Last night hubby and I were super excited to check out the Idaho Press's "InstantPot Cooking School" presentation at the Nampa Civic Center.  When they announced the class, it sold out in minutes so we felt very lucky to score VIP tickets. Most people attending the class had received an InstantPot for Christmas but have been too scared to take it out of the box.  This class gave newbies a chance to experience how the pot works before causing a mess in their own kitchens.  I consider myself a pretty advanced chef when it comes to using my electric pressure cooker, but even I left this class with a new wealth of knowledge about my favorite appliance.

As far as date night goes, Wednesday evening was a total win...until things took a turn for the worse while we were walking back to the car.  All of a sudden, my husband stops walking and blurts out "what the heck is going on here?!" He points at the power lines in front of the Best Western next to the Nampa Civic Center and they're lined with hundreds and hundreds of crows. I'm not overly shocked because Nampa's battle with an out of control crow population has been going on for years.  They even have a dedicated task force nicknamed "Crow Patrol" to help track crow roosts and come up with non-lethal solutions to help scare them away from Downtown Nampa.  I thought everyone knew that, but my husband was unaware that Nampa's crow population was a thing.

I'm telling him all about it as we're walking to the residential side street that we had to park on because there was no parking left at the Civic Center by the time we got there. That's when he interrupts me "No...oh hun...no...good God no..." We stop dead in our tracks to see my brand new car COVERED in CROW POOP! He had parked it under a tree and while we enjoyed ourselves for two hours, the crows did nothing beside poop on my car.

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media Boise

Even worse? In order to scare them away so that they wouldn't poop on him while he went to pull it up, he set off my car alarm to scare them away.  All it did was scare them into pooping more. He could hear these poop torpedoes hitting the roof of my car when he got in.  Luckily, we got out of there without getting pooped on ourselves...but the evening wouldn't have been complete without two trips through the car wash through the KJ'S Garrity 66 car wash to get all of the bird droppings off my car before it dried anymore.

The best part of our car wash experience? The fact that the credit card reader wasn't working so hubby had to go inside to purchase our code.  When he went back in the second time, the employees were worried that the car wash was broken...but instead, hubby had to admit why he needed a second car wash and the employees just cracked up.

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media Boise

Second time's a charm. Needless to say, hubby will never park under a tree in Nampa again...and I'll never let him drive my car to the 2C again.