It's been a little over two weeks since Zoo Boise announced the birth of a baby anteater. It's always exciting to have babies around. Who doesn't love visiting the zoo to see a cute baby animal, especially an animal like an anteater that you don't see very often? The first question that is always asked after the birth of a baby, animal, or human is, "What's the name?" That is a question that Zoo Boise is hoping you can answer for them.

If you would like to name the new baby anteater, you need to either purchase a zoo membership for yourself or someone else or renew an existing membership of at least fifty dollars. Then, the name that you choose will be placed into a drawing. Of course, Zoo Boise has final approval, so don't submit something gross, and a business name will also likely be declined.

It got me thinking about the perfect name for the anteater. I would love to have the anteater named after me because my son tells me all the time that I have a huge nose, and so does the anteater. My daughters think that the resemblance is "uncanny," and I didn't even know that they knew that word before today.

Assuming that the anteater will not be named Marco after me, I started searching the internet for names of famous anteaters worldwide. In 2004, there was a horror mini-series on ABC called Kingdom Hospital. It had an anteater named, Antubis. There is a children's book series called Elliott Moose about a moose and an anteater named Amy. That is where the fictional anteater inspiration ends, though.

Maybe we should name it after historical Idahoans. Perhaps a former governor. Would it be confusing to call it Otter the Anteater? If you have a better idea, or you want to see pictures of the baby anteater, click HERE.

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