How perfect was this past weekend?  The weather was amazing, the pollen was (relatively) low, at least it seemed to me, and the beauty of the Treasure Valley was on full display.

I had one of those "list" weekends.  You start with a list of the "must do" stuff (baseball game for the kiddo, end of season party, work commitments), and then the other list of "want to get done" items.

Saturday was packed with the "must do" stuff.  Started the morning at Idaho's Largest Garage Sale (thanks if you were a part of it, and hope you snagged some amazing deals).  From there, it was off to the kiddo's baseball game.  After that, his team had their end of season party, so it was off to three hours of kids going crazy.  It was a fun start to the weekend.


It got a bit more focused Sunday as my kiddo had a big end of the year project at school.  He is doing a "Passion Project," researching something he's interested in and reporting to the class.  His passion is airplanes and airlines, and he spent about 5 hours researching at the kitchen table.

While he worked on building his Power Point, I mowed and fertilized the lawn, and we determined that we both deserved a little treat after finishing up those tasks.  We grabbed dinner and then decided to use (likely 2 year old) coupons for Menchies.


This might have been THE highlight of the great weekend, as Menchies is now carrying Dole Whip (which you previously it seemed you had to commute to Disneyland or Disneyworld to enjoy), and even the famous Dole Whip Float.  Day.  Weekend.  Year.  Made.

Hope you had a great weekend in this beautiful corner of the world we call home.

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