Some exciting news for business owners and patio hoppers alike came down from the Ada County Highway District today. According to a release shared by the Ada County Highway District, businesses can now expand their patios--or apply to do so, rather--in order to make up for their lost seating due to COVID-19.

If you've made your way out to a restaurant since they were allowed to re-open after quarantine season 2020, you know how odd it can be to be in an area with every other table taped off and head counts limited. While businesses are happy to get some business back versus being closed, one thing is clear: the income on limited seating simply isn't the same.

Since 8th Street was closed down for patio expansion in downtown Boise, places have been able to accommodate more bodies, which has been huge!

To read more about this process, which involved an application and need for approval by city officials, click HERE.

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