One of the most anticipated events of the entire year is returning this fall and Idahoans now have a date to put on their calendars.

We're talking about Boise Pride Festival. Yes, it's BACK and an official announcement from the organization has folks counting down the days.

Like most events during the COVID-19 pandemic, Boise Pride Festival had to take some time off as our community and really, the entire globe navigated a pandemic of historic magnitude. After going virtual, the festival returned just last year--this time, in the fall, to give COVID a little extra time to calm down.

While we weren't totally in the clear during Boise Pride of the fall of 2021--there were plenty measures in place to make it safe for the community-- including free COVID tests and "health check" wristbands that indicated negative tests or vaccinated status.

Organizers of the event felt that the fall was a great option--so now, it's officially BACK in the fall for 2022!

Boise Pride Festival will be taking place on September 9th through September 11th of 2022! 

You can see their official announcement, below:

For over 30 years, Boise Pride Festival has served as a safe place of love and acceptance for everyone in our community. The family-friendly, weekend-long event is a staple in our community and its return is welcomes with tons of anticipation!

For more information on Boise Pride Festival-- to donate or learn how to get involved, CLICK HERE

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