Boise State is headed to the Arizona Bowl and reactions thus far have been mixed. For one, many local fans were hoping to be able to see the Broncos on The Blue one more time. This, of course, is not the case with the Broncos headed to Tucson for the Arizona Bowl. One major gripe coming from Boise is that this bowl game in particular, is not going to be televised.

Could it possibly be worse than the year the bowl game was just canceled entirely? Here's what folks in Boise are saying..

The Barstool brand and CEO David Portnoy aren't very popular--by the way, the game won't even be televised.  Boise State is a clear favorite in this game against Central Michigan, despite having a lack-luster season. One Barstool expert, Kayce Smith, says it's the Broncos, all day!   

Some people's kids, man...

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