Hi! I'm Michelle Heart and I'm feeling sore, but fierce today!

On Saturday, Sophie let our latest Michelle Masters class take over The PIT Martial Arts and Fitness in Garden City for a kickboxing class. As a marathoner, I can tell you that seeing the same part of the Greenbelt day in and day out gets a little monotonous, so I was excited to try a new type of workout to mix things up. I can also tell you from spending that much time on the Greenbelt, that I've seen some things and people that are a little sketch and made me want to step up my self defense skills.

Well, we got to do both on Saturday! I spend hours a week doing cardio, but kickboxing?  That's a hell of a workout! My upper body is still sore two days later, but it was so worth it.  During class, we didn't just randomly kick or punch a bag.  Sophie taught us the proper stance so that you don't lose your balance, how to get a lot of power behind your punches and kicks and most importantly, to always keep your gloves up.  In the real world, if you drop your hands, that gives an attacker the chance to hit you in the face.

Everyone had a great time and left with some valuable skills! Check out the photos of our latest graduating class below. Is there something you want to learn how to do but don't know where to start? Shoot me an e-mail with your idea for a future Michelle Masters HERE and let's do it together!

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