How many of you did the Turkey Day 5K on Thursday morning and three steps into the walk, your muscles were screaming at you?

My hand is way up in the air right now! Like many of you, Wednesday was a long work day for me.  I spent 12 hours sitting at my desk, trying to get ahead on things that needed to be done for the holiday weekend.  Mentally, I felt like a rock star for getting it all done.  Physically, I felt like junk. I've reached the point in my life where I have to accept that my muscles in my hips and thighs will tighten up and make it hard for me to walk pain free when I get up. I'm getting older and I need to be stretching more to still feel young!

That's why I'm stoked that my friends at Stretch Lab are officially open in Eagle! At Stretch Lab, they pair you up with a professional flexologist that leads you through a series of stretches, loosening up your major muscle groups like your back, hips and core. I'm talking stretches that you would never think of (or be able to perform) on your own.  After I went through one of the demo stretches, I was amazed how much better I felt! It's hard to explain it in words, but I felt like a whole new woman after my first professional stretch! It's something you really have to experience yourself to understand how truly beneficial getting a professional stretch is!

You'll experience an increased range of motion and flexibility that makes everyday tasks easier, improved posture, reduced muscle and joint pain...and the best part? It gets your blood and oxygen flowing, improving mental clarity to keep you focused on the job!

Want to try it for free? Then join me for another Michelle Masters on Sunday, December 2 at 12 p.m. to experience Stretch Lab for FREE! We'll be met by their team of flexologists at their new location at 2826 S Eagle Road, Suite 150 and experience a professional stretch together! To secure a place on our guest list, just fill out the form below!

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