Hi! I'm Michelle Heart and when it comes to car maintenance, I used to be a hot mess! But not anymore!

On Saturday, Dodie and her amazing team at Precision Automotive in Boise lent us some of her amazing mechanics who taught our first ever Michelle Masters class! Thanks to Russel (who pulled the short straw and got me as one of his students) I'm no longer the girl that has to look up how to open her gas tank on YouTube.  I'm no longer the girl who takes 10 minutes to find where the windshield wiper fluid goes (and I'm not scared that spilling it on stuff in my car will ruin my car.) And next time I flatten my tire running over a curb? I won't be calling my fiance to put my spare on, because now I know where my jack is located and how to use it!

In all seriousness, our first graduating class learned A TON about basic car care on Saturday in a completely shame-free environment.  Precision's mechanics answered every single question we had about our cars that we thought were silly without judging us.  Dodie even got O'Reilly Auto Parts and Factory Motor Parts to put together an awesome roadside essentials bag for us with everything from tire pressure gauges and reflective triangles to a flashlight, screwdriver, gloves and first aid kit!

When it was all said and done Becci, Emily and Leah all earned the first Michelle Masters graduations certificates! We had such a good time that Precision and I are working together to put on a second class so if you missed out on this one and think you might want to try the next one click HERE to let me know.  I'll shoot you an e-mail when we finalize the details!

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