The one-night engagement isn’t happening on a Wednesday, but we’re wearing pink anyway!

Don’t mind us just sitting here staring at a calculator, trying to figure out how one of our favorite teen movies is now old enough to vote. It’s hard to believe that Mean Girls came out 18 years ago because the 2004 movie is just as quotable as ever.


For aging millennials, we’re still trying to figure out exactly which year we went from relating to the trials and tribulations of Cady, Janice, Damian and The Plastics to trying to be the “cool mom” like Mrs. George.


Mean Girls is the Breakfast Club of the early 2000s. It’s the movie millennials can point at and say “yes, this was us.” The cynicism. The sarcasm. The social cliques that existed mainly inside school walls because MySpace was brand new, Facebook was even newer and not open to high school students and TikTok? The wildly popular video app wasn’t even a thought yet. This movie defined the Millenial high school experience.

It doesn’t matter which clique at North Shore High School you identified the most with: the Plastics, preps, varsity jocks, desperate wannabes or actual human beings…there’s something nostalgic about the movie and that’s why you’ll watch it every single time it reruns on TBS.


Why watch it on the small screen when you can grab your girlfriends and see it on the big screen like you did in 2004? Mean Girls is returning to theaters in Boise for one day only on Monday, October 3. (Yes, the day that Aaron Samuels asked Cady what day it was.)


The screenings are scheduled for 7:30 p.m. at the Edwards theaters at the Boise Spectrum, Nampa Spectrum and Nampa Gateway. To celebrate Mean Girls Day, they're throwing back ticket prices too. A general admission adult ticket for the special screening is just $5.30.

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