When one visits a public park, you expect to see some things. Perhaps a family grilling some hotdogs. Someone reading a book. Children playing. These are all typical things that wouldn't warrant a second glance.

This story warrants a third, fourth, and even fifth glance. It's about to get weird.

Last week, a man was arrested at Warm Slough campground in Rexburg. His charges? Misdemeanor disturbing the peace and resisting or obstructing officers. A woman called the police when she witnessed the man in question obviously intoxicated at the park.

That in itself is slightly odd, but it's about to go down the rabbit hole.

The reason the man caused such a commotion is he was drunkenly running around while holding a live pelican. Yes, those big loud birds. Someone this drunk dolt managed to not only procure a live pelican (For some reason we thought they were fast and could fly...?), but then proceeded to run around the park holding it for all to see.

When approached by police, one of the perp's buddies tried to reach for an officer's vest and was promptly taken down.

If convicted, the pelican procurer could face up to six months in the clink. So, don't get drunk and carry birds around the park, ok?

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