Robert Wilson

If you have summer travel plans that include flights, or find yourself boarding a plane regularly, if you haven't signed up for TSA Precheck, this is you week to make your life better. 

TSA Precheck allows you a much more streamlined security process.  You stay left at the line, you leave your shoes on, and even computer in your bag.  The lines are lighter and the process seems to take a fraction of the time.

This week (through Friday), you can sign up for the service at Boise Airport (instead of having to to to the contractor office with fewer appointments available).

There is a cost to the service.  It will run you $85 to join the program, and you do have to go through a fingerprinting process and provide background information.  If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, take a valid passport or government provided ID, and your birth certificate.

You can see more about this in the Idaho Statesman.

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