We're a little over a week into Governor Little's 21-day "Stay Home" order. Even with that order in place, many of you have been vocal about a problem you're seeing happen far too frequently. 

Based on the comments on our Facebook page, you're concerned over the amount of people who are bringing their entire family to "shop for essentials" at places like the grocery store and Costco. Many of you feel like people are trying to cheat the "stay home" order by using these trips as a form of entertainment and are exposing essential team members  to a larger number of people than necessary. Those large groups increase the chances of spreading the coronavirus.

Costco has taken your concerns to heart and that's why effective Friday, April 3 they will only allow two people per membership card to enter their warehouse. The post on their website explains the change is temporary, but is necessary to protect not just the health of their employees and other members, but your health as well.

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