Besides being in the City of Boise, all 10 of these homes have one thing in common. They all have a price tag under $350,000. When was the last time you saw that happen in Boise? 

Boise's been one of the hottest real estate markets in the country for the last few years, but it seems to be cooling off a bit.  According to, the median listing home price in Boise in August was $559,000. While that's still up 6.1% from August 2021, it's down $20,000 from a high of  $579,9000 in April and May.

Homes are also staying on the market longer. In May, the median time on the market was just 34 days. By August, that jumped up to 53 days.

The latest report from Boise Regional Realtors shows that inventory is up as well. In August there were 2,374 single-family homes on the market in Ada County. That's a huge 111% increase from the same time in 2021.


MoveBuddah's mid-year migration report also shows that Idaho hasn't been nearly as popular a destination to move to this year. We've dropped to #20 on the list of states people are moving to the most. In 2020, we were #4 on that mid-year report.

While the prices are dropping about as slow as molasses in December, they are indeed starting to come down which may inspire you to start looking for a home to buy for the first time in a long time. If your budget is under $350,000, these are the most affordable homes on the market in Boise!

Look Inside Boise's 10 Most Affordable Homes for Sale

In September 2022, these were the 10 most affordable homes on the market in Boise. All of them have a price tag of less than $350,000!

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We used the same formula that Roadsnacks used for their 2021 list, but updated the data to reflect the most recent American Community Survey data available from the US Census Bureau.

The 10 Best Boise Neighborhoods to Raise a Family applied their methodology to over 30 neighborhoods in the City of Boise. After grading neighborhoods on quality of schools, safety, access to family amenities and other factors, they determined these are the 10 neighborhoods where you'd love to raise a family in Boise.

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