It breaks my heart when I read or hear about an animal or child being left in a car and suffering damages that cant be reversed, like death or serious lifelong complications. It is something that is so easily preventable. The City of Boise is reminding us to "Look Before You Lock" We all have busy lives and may get distracted or in a rush from time to time but it is literally a matter of life and death. "In Idaho, nine children since 1995 have died from heatstroke after being left in a car, and many of those were on days you would not consider to be “hot.” The inside of a car heats up fast even with the windows cracked. When it’s 75 outside, it can reach up to 94 degrees inside a car within ten short minutes, and 109 degrees in 30 minutes."

KTVB says, "The campaign is in its fourth year and brings together agencies and businesses around the Treasure Valley to remind everyone of the dangers of leaving kids, pets, and vulnerable loved ones inside cars."

"Responding to these calls is something that a first responder never wants to see," Chief Shawn Rayne with the Ada County Paramedics said. "We want this message out there so that it is on everyone's mind, every day. This is something that is preventable, by taking a moment to look before you lock."

How you can help!

or go to the Boise Police Department Instagram page and check out our stories or the “Filter” highlight to learn how to use it.

Other tips for protecting your family

  • Never leave a child in an unattended car, even with the windows down.
  • Check to make sure all children leave the car when you reach your destination.
  • Don't overlook sleeping infants.
  • Teach children not to play in or around cars.
  • Keep car keys out of reach and sight.
  • Always lock car doors and trunks, especially when parked in the driveway or near the home.
  • Keep rear fold-down seats closed to help prevent kids from getting into the trunk from inside the car.
  • Be wary of child-resistant locks. Teach older children how to disable the driver's door locks if they unintentionally become entrapped in a motor vehicle.
  • Contact your automobile dealership about getting your vehicle retrofitted with a trunk release mechanism.

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