When Yellowstone premiered on Paramount in 2018, there wasn’t much buzz about it. Flash forward to 2020 when people had a lot of time on their hands to get caught up on shows they were mildly interested in? Its popularity EXPLODED.

According to No Film School, 4.2 million people tuned into the season three premiere in October 2020. The season three finale was arguably one of the most discussed pop culture topics on social media after it aired.

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Its undeniable popularity has led to several planned spinoffs, including 1883 which ran on Paramount+. The series was visually stunning and that’s because creator, Taylor Sheridan wanted to make sure that no detail was overlooked. 30 real covered wagons were created to create the wagon train the Dutton family leaves Texas with.

While watching the show, you may have debated how long you could live in a covered wagon like the ones you saw on the show. If you’re up for a four-hour drive east of Boise, you’ve got an opportunity to find out!

Downata Hot Springs in Downey added six covered Conestoga Wagons to their lodging options back in 2019. They give you a feel of what it’s like to be one of the Duttons…without all the danger from the TV show. Want to live out your 1883 fantasies this summer? Then check them out!

Live Out Your '1883' Fantasies At This Incredible Idaho Covered Wagon Park

Four hours east of Boise, Downata Hot Springs gives guests an opportunity to experience what life in a covered wagon is like without all the danger of the Paramount+ series.

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This popular show is filmed within driving distance from the Treasure Valley, and now fans can see what it's like to live like a Dutton by staying at the Yellowstone. Some lucky fans from around the country have been able to stay there recently, and their pictures are amazing. Special thanks to Dr. Peter Kozlowski, Hannah Boon, and Chief Joseph Ranch for allowing me to use these photos.

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