You've always dreamed of owning a large property in McCall, but the Powerball and Mega Millions gods are yet to smile on you and make it happen. 

While you wait to hit that jackpot, there's an opportunity to experience what being a millionaire in McCall may feel like one day. That opportunity is booking a stay at a rental property nicknamed "The Seasons at McCall." It's a 3,117 square foot home situated on 1.88 acres. Its listing describes it as a property offering you the "intimacy of a woodland cabin" with "the amenities of a private mountain resort."

What makes "The Seasons" extraordinary compared to other luxury rentals in McCall? The fact that it includes a large indoor, saltwater pool!

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From the records we could find, "The Seasons" was last sold in 2018 when the asking price was $775,000. It was listed for sale again in August 2021 for $1,499,000 and was on the market until January 17 of this year. We're not sure if someone ended up buying it or the owners simply decided to remove the listing.

Public records show that it's currently owned by the "Park at McCall LLC." An agenda from the June 1, 2021 McCall Area Planning and Zoning Commission meeting shows that the company put in a pre-application to develop 15 townhomes at the same address as "The Seasons." The most recent listing for the property did mention it was zoned to allow an additional 14 units.

Will this continue to be a rental property? We're not quite sure, so if you'd like to spend a few days there you may want to book it sooner rather than later! Just be prepared to pay for some of the cool amenities you see here. Rates range from $630-$1827 a night depending on what day of the week and time of year you rent it!

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