LITE-FM's Christmas Wish is back, thanks to our friends at Pioneer Federal Credit Union. 

Welcoming a new baby is such an exciting time for the family, but when that little one arrives much earlier than expected it can be a really scary time as well. Angel was a born a micro preemie and after the first seven months of his life, he's now at home with his large family. He's the youngest of 11 children and seems to be fitting in well with his siblings.

While he's home, he's not totally out of the woods. He still requires multiple medical specialists and his mom, Wendy, hasn't been able to work because the last thing she wants is to be exposed to COVID-19 and bring it home to her medically fragile baby.

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On top of that, her van stopped working so her husband is having to take time away from his job in order to get Angel to his very important appointments with specialists. Christina is a home health worker for St. Luke's who's been helping out with Angel's care and was able to get some help with gifts for the family from the hospital. The biggest need for this family is getting that van running again.

That's why we shared Wendy's story with our Dodie at Precision Automotive in Boise. As a mom herself, Dodie wants to give that van a second look and see what she and her team can do for Wendy. We loaded up Jaci into the Treasure Valley Subaru delivery sleigh and sent her to deliver the good news and some other gifts for the family. (Click play to hear the surprise!)

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