On any given day of the week, you can find some publication talking about the Boise housing market. 

Many of those articles agree that our housing market is totally overvalued. Others say that 70% of the homes on the market have seen price drops. Even if that’s true, those prices aren’t dropping as quickly or as much as those of us who already call Boise home would like them to. 

The latest numbers from Realtor.com show that the median listing price in Boise is $560,5000. It’s a small drop from earlier this year when they were $575,000. The median days on the market is 45 days, up 11 days from May. 

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In other words, if Boise’s housing market is going to burst, it’s doing it at the speed of mud. So many would-be homebuyers continue to Zillow-surf, looking at homes that we’ll never be able to afford.

Kirk Hessing/Silvercreek Realty Group
Kirk Hessing/Silvercreek Realty Group

We’re very much in the same boat as you. During one of our most recent searches, we dug up the 5 LARGEST homes on the market in Boise. Though we could never afford them, we do admit that they are quite spectacular! Want to look inside? We pulled some highlights from each of the homes for you to sneak a peek at!  

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