One of Boise's favorite vacation attractions, Lagoon in Salt Lake City, has been working on a new roller coaster since 2018. There hasn't been much talk of it from the park itself, but a lot of speculation has been going around online. I will summarize the speculation and give you the latest information available. The calls that I made to Lagoon's media relations and public relations teams were not returned.

In 2018, construction began on what was to be an interactive dark ride roller coaster combination. It was said that it would be completed for the 2020 season. However, construction continues to this day. The park had filed trademarks for the name "Primordial" and logos for the ride using that name. It was widely believed that they had been inspired by a Canadian ride called Wonder Mountain's Guardian at Canada's Wonderland. The ride has won several awards and, as you can see from the video below, is unlike many coasters ever made.

According to reports, Lagoon abandoned their trademark on the Primordial name in September. This ride, which was supposed to open this year, is nowhere near completion. The park was asked about it on its Facebook page just a few days ago. The official Lagoon response was that this attraction's completion is still "3-4 years" away because of the COVID pandemic slowing the entire project.

From the looks of it, the coaster will be worth the wait. Still, you have to wonder how much technology has already and will continue to advance in the world of amusement parks. This project is already three years in the making. A lot of things can change in what will be a total of seven years of construction.

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