Girls, we're getting larger.  The average clothing size for women in America is higher than it's ever been, and our waist size has expanded by 2.6 inches over the past twenty years.

And you love us just the same, right guys?  Good answer.

The average woman in America wears a size 16 now.

Of course, that varies by store because there is so much vanity sizing out there. In one store we might wear an 8, and in the next store we wear a 10.  Some clothing lines are more generous with the fabric than others.

But here's the thing.  Two-thirds of women are considered plus size (size 14 or higher), but only two percent of them are seen in images in media and magazines.  We'll be seeing more of an effort to get everyone included, with the launch of the 67 Percent Project from Refinery29, not to mention the social media chatter supporting all sizes.

I'm the type that's super conscious about size and weight, maybe because I was a chubby kid and overweight at different points in college and in my twenties.  I fear going the bulge, so I exercise a lot, eat healthy, and weigh every day with the goal of keeping my comfy size.  That's the most important thing, right?  That we are happy with ourselves, whatever size that is.

Love what you're workin' with, girls.  Lets toast each other with some 500-calorie margaritas, balance it out with a little exercise, and enjoy the weekend.  We're all in this together.