This smoothie recipe may not sound all that appetizing, but pumps me full of vitamins and gets rid of headaches.  Swear.

This smoothie along with some black eyed peas on the side, and you'll be off to a good star in 2017.

When I was having back pain a few years ago a doctor told me to try an anti-inflammatory diet and suggested this smoothie for starters.  At that point I didn't know that some foods made me inflamed, but apparently this doc knew what she was talking about.  I reluctantly tried this smoothie and started eating more veggies in general and went low on dairy, sodium, and sugar, and wah lah.  No more back pain, and no headaches.

The smoothie crams a day or two worth of veggies into one glass, and it kinda makes you feel fungry (full, but still hungry).  It probably has 500 calories worth of fruits and veggies jammed into a glass, and with the fungry feeling lingering afterward, you still want to eat a sandwich.  So be careful about thinking it's a freebie food that doesn't count in the daily calorie intake.  It can be a bloater.

To make the detox smoothie, put all of these ingredients into your Ninja smoothie maker, or turbo blender.

Handful of kale

Handful of spinach leaves

Handful of romaine

Handful of blueberries

4-5 strawberries

A banana

An apple

A pear

Juice of one lemon

3 cups of ice cubes

Water to desired consistency

Blend it all up and drink up.  The more fruit you put in it, the sweeter it gets, and you really don't taste the lettuce.  You can adjust the taste by how much of each ingredient you put in.

There's usually enough to share with your spouse or the kids, so don't attempt it alone.  It makes a ton.

Happy New Year!

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