When it comes to the foods of Boise, is there anything more iconic than fry sauce? One could make a case for finger steaks but even then - can you really enjoy finger steaks without fry sauce in the first place?

I think not.

How Bill Cosby ruined mayonnaise for a good portion of my life

I have to confess, I've never been a huge "sauce person" before. It wasn't until recently that I finally accepted mayonnaise into my life as a viable ingredient. It's a strange story so I'll make it brief - but basically, when I was a small child, I saw an episode of The Cosby Show on TV.

I'm telling you - I had to be no older than 4 years old and for some reason, all I remember is an episode of The Cosby Show that ruined mayonnaise for me for so long. I just recall Bill Cosby smothering mayonnaise (he may have done it to himself, I don't remember) all over his forehead. There was something about seeing Miracle Whip or whatever it was all over his forehead.

I don't know if it was bad vibes or something else; I'm honestly not sure - whatever the case, I hated mayonnaise from that moment on. All thanks to Bill Cosby.

Thanks to fry sauce, I am born again...

Fast-forward to today and I ask for extra fry sauce anytime I have burgers, fries, and even finger steaks. That's how powerful fry sauce can be: strong enough to convince a person who was scarred by mayonnaise and Bill Cosby to accept fry sauce (and its mayo ingredient) as delicious.

Without further ado, let's dive into where you will enjoy the best fry sauce in all of Boise without having to worry about Bill Cosby.

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Now that we know where to find the best fry sauce and finger steaks... where can we find the best fries? Actually... let's spice it up a bit: where will we find the best loaded fries?

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