I was looking through some Boise history recently when I came across something bizarre. The 90's rock band became a pop sensation as grunge music was at the top. Hello Kurt Cobain.

Kurt would take his own life in 1994 shocking the world. Nirvana will never die because you see shirts everywhere and can buy them at H&M, Walmart, Target, Kohl's, and the list go on. Did you know that iconic music band played right here off the connector in Boise?

Kurt Cobain Brings Nirvana to Play Zoo Boise

There first thing that comes to mind is the Zoo. What? Where would Nirvana play in the Zoo and why would they play there. It isn't crazy, but it kind of is. The truth is I couldn't find an answer because there is one video online.

Nirvana played Zoo Boise back in 1991 and it was insane based upon all the comments. Wait, why did they play the Zoo? Kurt did not bring his band to the Zoo. There was a place called, Zoo Boise. It was sort of a concert house back in the day and Nirvana was touring. This happened right before "Smells Like Teen Spirit" exploded thrusting Nirvana into what they became.

How do I know all this information? Rocci Johnson from Humpin' Hannahs in Downtown Boise.

"Yea, man. That place was real and did Nirvana did play there. That's a true story. I played there too in a band called, "The Secret Agents." Rocci said, "This wasn't your traditional concert house, but it was still on the circuit. It was crazy with some insane stories."

If you know anyone that went to those shows please send me an email or DM. You can see Rocci Johnson do what she does best at her bar, Humpin' Hannahs. The Rocci Johnson Band is the best slice of local entertainment in Boise.

I'll need to get a Nirvana shirt now.

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