You don't need me to tell you that the Boise housing prices have gotten ridiculous. The numbers do a pretty good job of telling you the story all by themselves. As more and more people come to the Treasure Valley for the quality of life that we all enjoy, you may be tempted to cash out and find a better quality of life for yourself. The biggest complaint from those that have been in the Boise area for many years isn't just the cost of living. It's the number of people that now call it home. This isn't what many long-time residents signed up for. But where would you go if you left Idaho? To escape the high cost of living and the people, you'd have to find somewhere less desirable or your own private island. Believe it or not, we found four cheaper private islands than many homes on the market in Boise right now!

We've made it easy to compare private islands with homes currently on the market in the Treasure Valley. The pictures alone speak a thousand words about the state of the Boise housing market.

These 4 Private Islands Are For Sale And Are Chepaer Than Living In Boise

20 Photos of the Least Expensive Houses You Can Buy in Boise

In mid-May 2022, the cheapest house (no mobile homes were considered) you could buy in Boise was $329,900. One home had that price tag. A second only cost $100 more, so we took a look at that one as well. Let's just say that one's probably going to be an easier sale than the other!

One of America's Most Expensive Neighborhoods is In Idaho

According to several sources, 83353 is the most expensive zip code in Idaho and one of the most expensive in the United States. What sort of houses are on the market in Sun Valley? Here's what thinks looked like in early June 2022.

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