Over the next few days you may see Nampa Police along with Boise State University students that are part of the geophysics program searching for a dead body underneath the Nampa School District Administration Building.  They're using cadaver dogs and ground-penetrating radar in the search.

This obviously isn't some random search.  They're looking for a woman.  Specifically the remains of 51-year-old Lillian Richey of southwest Idaho who's been missing since 1964.

According to KTVB there have been many rumors that Richey's body was buried and hidden underneath the Nampa building back when it was under construction.  New technology and a new interest in solving this cold case has kick started these efforts in finding Richey's body and allowing her relatives to have closure and bury her properly.

I watch a lot of shows like Forensic Files that show how far we've come with technology and resources to solve these horrific crimes.  I think it's cool that BSU students along with our Nampa Police Department are taking the time and effort to try their best to put this case to rest.

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