Over the past year, it's become increasingly difficult to find anything that's positive on social media. That's why it's so refreshing to see something this incredible posted in a local Facebook group! 

On Wednesday night, Robin D'Amico posted a message in the "Kuna Must Know" Facebook group searching for families that were currently struggling to make ends meet. She explained that she and her husband would like to sponsor and cover the costs for one child between the ages of 4-17 to attend one of the Guardians Academy's week long day camps. The camps usually run $200.

Robin's post went on to say "We are asking nothing in return but to enjoy yourself at camp. We just want to give back. We are blessed and it would mean a lot to us to provide this camp to 1 child for a family who would not be able to afford this."

What happened next was incredible. In addition to receiving nominations for deserving kids, members of Kuna's community started asking for the names of the "runners-up" in the D'Amico's search for a child to sponsor so they could sponsor that child. In just fifteen hours, they pay-it-forward chain has found enough sponsors to send ten kids who's families are having a rough go at it to camp for free.

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When the post reached the founder of Guardian Academy, she reached back out to Robin and said the organization was touched by the group's kindness and said the will match each sponsored child from the Facebook post, up to 20 kids. That means if the kindness train keeps rolling, up to 40 kids who may not otherwise get a chance to experience summer camp will get to do something incredibly fun this summer!

If you'd like to jump aboard, you can view the post HERE. (Kuna Must Know is a public group on Facebook.)

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For those not familiar with the Guardians Academy, it's located on the property that used to be home to Linder Farm's corn maze and fall festival. They're an outdoor based program that gives kids an opportunity to learn dozens of cool things like blacksmithing, parkour, archery, wood fire baking, glass blowing and chorography. In addition to those hands on experiences, the Guardians Academy teaches kids skills that they can use throughout their lifetime like leadership, building a business and management.

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