I love living in the Treasure Valley. I love it here because we get a taste of winter, but it's very rarely so snowy that you can't get around town. Yes, I've heard of "snowmageddon," but that was a freak event that I don't believe we will ever see again. Suppose we get our first snowfall on Sunday. In that case, it probably won't be very significant, but it's snow, and that calls for some sort of celebration.

The perfect snow day includes creamy hot chocolate with loads of marshmallows and whipped cream. It may not be that cold outside, but I think that the perfect snow day means sweaters and scarves. I also believe that the perfect snow day means Netflix. This might even be the right time to pull out your DVD of Elf for its first viewing of the season. I would definitely consider turning on the fireplace and turning on some Christmas music.

The perfect snow day is always spent with family. That might mean a significant other, your family, or your pet. It means taking a walk around the block where you can breathe in the fresh Idaho air, look up towards the mountains and see the snow on Bogus Basin.

Ultimately, the perfect snow day can only be had here in the Treasure Valley. Whatever makes for your perfect snow day, I hope that you get it this weekend.

Rose Garden at Julia Davis Park

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