Nathan Apodaca aka “Doggface” of Idaho Falls has officially made his rap debut alongside Snoop Dogg and Klypso. Last month we told you of the collaboration called “Low Rider” that samples War’s classic hit, also titled “Low Rider.” The video finally dropped on weed’s favorite day and War is even featured in the video!

The video begins with Doggface taking a stroll on his now-famous longboard before assisting Cheech and Chong, everyone’s favorite stoner duo, with “a light” in a good truck. As “police” arrive on the scene to catch the trio smoking weed, the officer joins in on the phone before snapping a few photos with the group.

At that moment, the song begins as we see Doggface living his best life in California and we even see Doggface in a studio with comedian George Lopez.

At the 2:47 mark, we see the one and only Snoop Dogg make his grand entrance into the song, rapping, and dancing with Doggface. The song features plenty of good vibes and of course, plenty of the Devil’s Lettuce.

Doggface has been enjoying a ton of success ever since he went viral for his video of him longboarding to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” The Idaho native obviously just released this music video (his first single) but also will be releasing an NFT version of his original viral video. That NFT is expected to be a huge win for Doggface with the starting bid beginning at $500,000…. Yes… half a million dollars.

Do you think we’ll hear more music from Doggface? What do you think of his new song?

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