Another Cyber Monday is in the books. Retailers have sold a ton of merchandise, and people like me spent money that they didn't have in the name of giving. The problem for me was that the more I look to buy things for other people, the more I spend on myself. What's another $15 per month for the rest of my life, right?

If you're stuck on what to get for someone on your list, you may want to check out the list of things that have been the most Googled gifts here in Idaho over the past month. These are the gifts that people want to purchase for others and probably want for themselves. Overall, the most searched gift on Google was an Instant Pot. I got my first one this year, and it was absolutely life-changing. But when you break down the numbers analyzed and published by Treetopia, a holiday tree company, you see the top gifts in several categories.

The top gifts, according to Google search trends in Idaho, ranging from several different categories. If you're looking to buy an entertainment-related gift, the most searched service is Hulu. The most searched tech gift in Idaho is a Bluetooth speaker. Home gym equipment dominated the local searches in the health category but be careful not to become the husband from the Peloton commercials earlier this year. The top kids' gift in Idaho is one of my childhood favorites, Legos. It's pretty amazing how Legos continues to evolve to appeal to so many kids for such a long time. Happy Christmas shopping!

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