Another Valentine's Day is upon us, and many last-minute shoppers are getting flowers and candy from a grocery store. But is the grocery store the best place to get Idaho's favorite Valentine's Day candy?

Zippia has once again set out to determine each state's favorite Valentine's Day candy. To find this, they used Google Trends to find the candy that each state eats a disproportionate amount of. They determined Valentine's Day candy by the candies that peaked in searches during Valentine's season.

Idaho's favorite Valentine's Day candy is a box of chocolate. If you plan to give a box of chocolate, you'd better make sure it's a good one. So here are the best chocolate shops in Boise, according to Yelp!

#1 - The Chocolat Bar
805 West Bannock Street

#2 - Lee's Candies
840 South Vista
Suite 200

#3 - Lolli & Pops
350 North Milwaukee Street

#4 - Truffles Etc.
126 East Idaho Avenue

#5 - Sweet Zola's Candy Shop
917 North Main Street

The kinds of chocolates vary at each of these shops. Still, the survey wasn't particular about the exact type of chocolate Idaho's favorite actually is. It was chocolate that dominates the entire country's favorites list, taking 45 out of 50 states in one way or another. When asked about specific brands, Dove seemed to be the most popular. Conversation hearts took four of the remaining five states in the popularity contest. As gross as those are, they seem to have no problem selling this time of year.

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