Today is Ash Wednesday. In the Catholic faith, that marks the beginning of Lent. That means abstaining from meat today and Fridays leading up to Easter. 

Growing up, I lived in a predominately Catholic city where there were fish fry dinners everywhere. I'm not just talking in the parish hall at Catholic churches. Fire stations, American Legion posts and golf courses got in on the action.

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Here in Boise? There aren't quite as many options, so I'm always on the lookout for good seafood destinations. Especially this year because my birthday happens to fall on the first Friday of Lent! (That and the fact that ever since I was a kid, I truly believed that "all you can eat seafood" wasn't a type of restaurant, but an actual challenge.)

Whether you're a fellow Catholic kid charting out Friday dinners between now and April 2 or you're just a fan of seafood, the are the top five seafood restaurants in Boise according to Yelp!

Boise's Top 5 Seafood Destinations


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