If this were the home I was living in, I most definitely would stop complaining about my husband working from home until the end of August!

Don't get me wrong, I love my husband but this working from home situation is less than ideal. Pre-COVID 19 pandemic, I had about three hours a day where I could wind down from the workday at home by myself before he got home from work. Sometimes, I'd use the quiet time to finish up tasks from my workday, watch a movie on Disney+, workout or just take a nap.

But now? That luxury is gone. Those three hours are now three hours where I have to be absolutely silent and disconnect from the WiFi so he can do his job efficiently. Even napping is difficult, because he talks (loudly) for almost the entire three hours. I can't sleep through that. I want to write his boss a letter to ask what I've done to him to deserve this. (Joking. Sort of...)

Feeling the same way about sharing your space with a family member working from home? Then buy yourself a lottery ticket! Something tells me if you could afford this $7.9 million Idaho mansion you'd never be bored in your home again! Located in Post Falls, this 13 bedroom, 13 bathroom home has everything you could possibly need to keep yourself entertained at home, pandemic or not.

The sprawling 26,000 square foot property includes it's own salt water pool WITH a water slide, hot tubs, tennis/basketball court, putting green, home movie theater, docks and more! Take a look around in the pictures below. This property is INSANE!

Want to see more? You can watch a video tour of the entire property HERE!

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