It's hard not to be active in such a beautiful state.

One of the biggest focuses this past year and a half has certainly been our health. This pandemic has reminded us how important it is to take care of ourselves. Our bodies are incredible and they can do miraculous things to keep us alive. However, we've got to first put good in to get good out.

I'm a firm believer that moving your body, eating and drinking mindfully, and sleeping are the pillars of good health.

And I don't think you have to be super crazy strict to see results. You can still have a cheat meal or skip a day of working out to rest or have a late night out with friends. This won't break you as long as you stay consistent the other times.

It sounds like we're pretty consistent in Idaho.

Fitness woman squatting with kettle bell
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In fact, we're more consistent that other states as we have found ourselves pretty high on this list of the 10 Fittest States in America. We landed at number 10.

This list was compiled using two simple factors; obesity prevalence and number of gyms. The higher the obesity prevalence, the lower the ranking and the greater the number of gyms, the higher the ranking. Although they didn't specifically acknowledge the ease of access to the great outdoors, I would consider that a contributing factor.

See exercise is important, but I also believe that getting some movement in outside if important as well. There's just something about breathing in that fresh air and feeling so close to nature. I prefer to workout outside... except when it's snowing.

Here are the 10 fittest states

10. Idaho

9. Wisconsin

8. Montana

7. Hawaii

6. Massachusetts

5. Minnesota

4. Rhode Island

3. New Hampshire

2. Connecticut

1. Colorado

Bogus Basin Activities and Attractions

Bogus Basin is the largest non-profit mountain recreation area in the nation and only 16 miles away from Boise. While well known for skiing, the mountain also has a selection of activities and attractions for all ages.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Boise with BSU Landing

What a wonderful city we live in with opportunities for fantastic community events like the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic, celebrating 30 years this year. Check out the photos of the amazing flight and experience below and make sure you scroll to the end to see our epic BSU landing. We landed, deflated and packed up the balloon right in front of the administration building at Boise State University. We had a group of collage students stop and take photos and videos. I will never forget this monumental day. Thank you Boise for being so amazing. 

Inside Vertical View, The Massive Climbing Gym off I-84 in Meridian

Even though most people don't stop to check this place out, you really should. It is very impressive and fantastic for kids, teens and adults. 

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