Soldier Mountain is giving parents a prime opportunity to turn the kids loose on mountain bikes this weekend at the Southern Idaho Gravity Bike Race, and any adult that wants to rip down the mountain can show off their skills for prizes too.

The Southern Idaho Gravity Bike Race is coming up on Saturday, August 28th at the mountain bike park at Soldier Mountain, and they'll divide the races into four categories:  boys ages 3-14, girls ages 3-14, men ages 15 and older, and women ages 15 and older.

If they put kids and parents in the same category it might resemble a video game and not in a good way.  Whether it's mountain bike races or Mario Kart races, those ruthless little angels will figure out a way to beat the parents and separate categories might save us all a facepalm.

The weather has been so scorching hot this summer maybe you haven't been on your bike as much as you'd like and you're looking to launch yourself out of the chute.  This is a competition and you'll be judged on the best of two timed runs, and Soldier Mountain said the kid's events will be staged on part of the beginner trail, and the adult contests will be happening on the intermediate trail. If you're really skilled, they'll open the advanced race on the mountain bike park's black-diamond singletrack trail.

First-place riders in each category will get a four-day punch pass to Soldier MTB Park, and second-place riders will earn a one-day pass.  Kids cost $5 to register and
adults cost $10 and you can register in person, or on

The race will start at 3 p.m. on Saturday with the kids followed by the adults.

Soldier Mountain is at 1043 N. Soldier Creek Rd., Fairfield, ID 83327.

Good luck!

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