School is back in full swing and the kids are out of the house. Is that enough of a break? Not quite! There's so much to be done when it comes to getting the kids ready for back to school. That's why it's important to treat yourself to some time off and get away from all of the noise with a nice little retreat.

Now, we're not talking about spending an arm and a leg on a weekend getaway. I know things are expensive! According to the U.S. Bureau and Labor Statistics, the inflation rate in June was a 40-year high of 41.6% while inflation on food was over a staggering 10%. So, like you, I'm looking for ways to save money. Some of these spots are great for simply disconnecting from the "everyday norm" and that's essential for mental health. Parents especially have a lot to navigate in 2022 if you have kids you know that we could all use a break!

Photodjo from Getty Images
Photodjo from Getty Images

So, we're looking at the best way to get some alone time without breaking the bank. Sometimes all it takes is a nice little "staycation" and with how much there is to do in the Treasure Valley, a quick stay away from home can remind a person how lucky they are to be living here.

Without further ago, I searched through Airbnb to find the best spots you can stay for just under $50/night. Is this the best way to get away for cheap? What are some of the quick getaways you do to get away for the summer or to have a fun inexpensive weekend? I would love to hear your suggestions here.

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