Boise must be one of the fittest cities in America. There are 25 miles of greenbelt right in the middle of town, and you can't go anywhere without seeing someone riding their bike. The outdoors are genuinely a part of life in Boise, and one of the ways we bring nature into our lives is by going for a hike. As we get into Spring and closer to summer, more and more people will be getting new hiking shoes, camelback coolers, and hitting the trails. Here are the top hiking trails in Boise, according to the website, AllTrails.

#1 - Table Rock Trail
This hike takes just over two hours to get to the top and back. It goes 3.7 miles. It's considered a moderate-level trail and offers impressive Boise views, and of course, you'll see the Cross.

#2 - Hulls Gulch Nature Trail
This hike is on the longer side, almost twice as long as the Table Rock hike, but it is an entirely different experience. It is 6.3 miles and will take over three hours to complete. You'll see wildflowers and a waterfall.

#3 - Cervidae Peak
This is by far the most difficult of all the hikes on this list. It's near Lucky Peak, and it will take a little over three hours to hike the 4.4 miles. This trail is excellent for birdwatching and seeing wildflowers. There are fees to keep in mind before you go. Idaho Stae Parks charge a one-time use vehicle pass of $7.

#4 - Adelmann Mine
In the Boise National Forest, you can hike this moderate 4.7-mile trail, where you are sure to see plenty of wildlife. The historic mine is incredible to see. The round trip should take about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

#5 - Red Cliffs Nature Center Trail
The shortest of the hikes on the list is only 95 minutes. It goes for three miles. The slow, steady climb will offer incredible views. It's kid-friendly and also suitable for mountain biking.

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