Did you recently make some sort of fitness promise to yourself? No matter what the end game of that goal is, this is a great place to start. 

Maybe you're like us. When the pandemic hit, rather than jump into home workouts or spending extra time on the greenbelt putting in miles, you kind of just gave up. It wasn't until we got an e-mail reminding us that we had a guaranteed entry into the Race to Robie Creek that reality hit us that maybe...just maybe we should start running again.

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Maybe you're just starting a fitness routine for the first time. Or maybe you're bored with yours and you're looking to try something new. No matter what the scenario is, we found some folks that are eager to help you get there. We polled our listeners to find out what their favorite gyms in the Treasure Valley are and why they love them. Here's what you told us!

Boise and the Treasure Valley's 15 Best Gyms as Voted By You

Are you looking to start or change up your fitness routine? We asked which gyms in the Treasure Valley were the best and why. These were the 15 most recommended by our listeners!

7 Relaxing Idaho Hot Springs Less Than 3 Hours From Boise Perfect for a Winter Soak

We know that no one likes when their favorite natural hot springs spot gets shared with the entire world, so we put together a list of pools that are commercial businesses located a short drive from Boise. These are small businesses that deserve Idaho's support!

30 of the Boise Area's Top Rated Restaurants for 2022

Maybe 2022 is the year where you want to expand your horizons and give a restaurant you haven't tried before a chance. According to Trip Advisor, these are 30 of the best in the Treasure Valley.

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