We are days away from a pivotal election in our state's history. Idahoans will decide who will lead the state for the next four years. Will the state continue to be led by Republican Brad Little? Or will the independent conservative candidate Ammon Bundy shock the Idaho political establishment? There are a few other candidates on the ballot, but the race essentially comes down to Governor Little and Mr. Bundy.

The smart money says Governor Little will win reelection since the Democrats have not fielded a serious candidate. Idaho Democrats are so pathetic they're recruiting failed Republicans to run for office.

Governor Little is banking on the state's economic success during and after the pandemic. He has chosen a path of nonengagement during the primary and the general election campaigns. In an unusual move, he decided not to participate in any debates with his opponents. His campaign needs to saturate the airwaves, with ads waiting until the last few weeks to go back on the air despite having significant financial reserves.

If the governor loses this race, it will be the biggest upset in the state's history.

A quick look at Governor Little's Idaho

Brad Little's four years as governor.

Mr. Bundy has cultivated his support by campaigning the old-fashioned way. He has barnstormed the state, holding town hall meetings wherever and whenever, drawing large crowds in the last few weeks of the election. Mr. Bundy has been using social media to get his message out to voters that are open to his plan.

The Emmett farmer is seeking to attract angry Republicans that are not fans of Governor Little, the state's Libertarians, and the massive base of voters who are unaffiliated and only vote in general elections. The race between Mr. Bundy and Governor Little is not so much about Mr. Bundy but a vote against Governor Little.

Ammon Bundy Fight for Liberty

A look at Mr. Bundy's Crusades

One factor that could hurt the governor's chances at reelection is the constitutional amendment SJR 102. If the voters approve, the legislature will call itself back into session. The governor refused to call the legislature back into session during the pandemic, and his opponents have criticized his leadership.


The governor's mentor, the former Governor Butch Otter, is championing the effort to defeat the bill. The former governor's appearance and the bill's contents only remind folks of the governor's leadership during the pandemic.

Let's get to the voting; we want to know who you will vote for this Tuesday.


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