Idaho Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin has a message to liberals who are trying to turn Idaho blue. "Unfortunately for the left, I'm not going anywhere; she told us this morning in an exclusive interview.

A look the popularity of Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin

Janice McGeachin Campaigns for Idaho Governor

Idaho's Conservative Liuetenant Governor Janice McGeachin tours the state of Idaho battling the Libs.

Lt. Gov. McGeachin challenged Idaho Governor Brad Little in the Republican Primary. Governor Little won the primary and moved on to the general election. The Conservative lawmaker said she would continue to finish her term as lieutenant governor, focusing on education. "My education task force is still meeting and trying to work together even with other groups," she explained. "We working together to promote some of the concepts to promote choice in education."

Janice and the Crowd

Education continues to be a hot-buttoned issue in the Gem State. Several organizations picketed the statehouse over the summer, demanding more money for teachers. Critics of the state's education system say the state is dead last in education results and per pupil spending.  

Reclaim Idaho has submitted several signatures that seek to get their referendum on the ballot that would raise taxes to further fund education. You can read more about that story here.

Reaction to the Idaho Republican Party Convention

"It was a great result for Conservatives regarding the leadership that was elected. We have a new chair, a whole new slate of leadership in our party, and that was very successful,' said Lt.Gov McGeachin. She praised the work of the platform committee and the delegates passing certain resolutions. "It was a win for Conservatives."

The Idaho Republican Party did pass resolutions that would make it more difficult for the Democrats to influence the party primary. The lieutenant governor also praised the efforts to protect the unborn and the right to life.


Relationship with the governor


Lieutenant Governor McGeachin did share her thoughts on the long campaign and the results of the primary. "It was tough, I was on the road for the entire year, and I worked very hard,' she said. "I was disappointed in the result of the election, I'm not disappointed in the number of people that came out to vote for me. I had over 90,000 in Idaho vote for me."
She cited the difficulty of challenging an incumbent along with outside particular interest liberal groups that attacked her candidacy and character. "We know for a fact that there were Democrats voting within the Republican Party. She also said the Conservative movement was not united in opposition to the governor.
There hasn't been any contact between Governor Little and the lieutenant governor. Although, she says there is one big issue that needs to be resolved between them: who is in charge when the governor leaves the state. "There is an issue that remains unresolved between our offices, and have a conversation with him about that."

You can hear the entire interview below.

Janice McGeachin Calls Out the Left in Idaho

A look at how Janice McGeachin is fighting back against the liberals in Idaho.

Idahoans Rally The Vote

Over one thousand Idahoans attended the rally.

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