Usually, midterm elections in Idaho are a yawner where low voter turnout is expected, and only the faithful die-hard voters take the time to vote. The 2022 Idaho midterms resemble something that most folks would experience during a hotly contested presidential election cycle.


In the last week, we've seen dueling press releases from the current chairwoman of the Idaho Republican Party, followed by one from the former party chairman. Can anyone ever remember when a midterm election evoked so much passion?

If only the Idaho Democrats were relevant in this state, we'd have drama rivaling Game of Thrones. It all began when former Governor Butch Otter began campaigning against SJR 102, a constitutional amendment allowing the legislature to call itself back into session. The bill results from the legislature not being at the governor's mercy during the pandemic. Chairwoman Dorothy Moon issued a statement endorsing the bill.

Former Chairman Tom Luna issued a release criticizing the party leadership for not denouncing members who work with the Idaho Freedom Foundation, who endorsed Ammon Bundy for governor. Mr. Bundy is running as an independent against incumbent Brad Little.

Now a group of law enforcement officials that campaigned against Janice McGeahcin, Dorothy Moon, and Priscilla Giddings in the primary candidates endorsed by the Freedom Foundation's pac to denounce the endorsement reports The Idaho Press.

Mr. Bundy's Plan for Idaho

The big question will be how many Republicans will quietly vote for Mr. Bundy. The governor and lieutenant governor are not speaking after a tough primary. The attempts at unity have yet to bring the party together. Mr. Bundy could collect an unprecedented amount of votes for an independent candidate.

Several Republicans have put his yard signs on their lawns and donated to his campaign. They believe that the current standard-bearer does not represent their views and do not like how Governor Little has treated Janice McGeachin. It is alarming that she has not endorsed the governor, nor has he spoken to her.

SJR 102 Backlash

.Another exciting tidbit helping Mr. Bundy is the appearance of former Governor Butch Otter campaigning against SJR 102. The campaign only reminds people of how helpless they were during the pandemic. It also begs the question of why isn't Governor Little campaigning against this bill?
It would devastate his favorability ratings again if he were out in the open against SJR 102, helping Mr. Bundy. Don't forget to vote in our governor's poll here as we continue our election day countdown.

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