It's the final countdown, and many folks in our state can't wait for the end of the seemingly endless Republican Party Primary. The primary will be over Tuesday, and so will the river of political ads that has permeated our airwaves for the last several months.

4 Reasons Why President Trump Must Visit Idaho Now

Four unique reasons why Idaho deserves a trip from President Trump.

Idaho's primary is getting a lot of attention from the national media. The Guardian's recent headline 'Republican and more Republican': Idaho shifts ever rightward. What's your reaction to this headline? Is Idaho a rightward state?

Despite the national hyperbole, Idaho is more of a mountain west libertarian pragmatic state. Several national reports have misidentified the political battle that has occurred throughout the state. Over the years, grassroots conservatives have made several attempts to unseat establishment incumbents.

This year's primary isn't about the direction of Idaho's Republican majority. The election is a review of how the state handled the unthinkable pandemic. Governor Little invoked the state's emergency powers and Idaho's health districts determined what could and couldn't be open. The legislature failed to hold the government accountable as many questioned whatever happened to the separation of powers?

In fairness to the governor, he did not issue a state mask mandate because, as he admitted, no one would comply with it. Idaho has prospered since the pandemic. Thousands of people from across the country are coming to Idaho and bringing their businesses. Economically the state is in the best shape it's ever been.

This fall, the democrats will not run a candidate against in the general election. Can you remember the last time that happened in Idaho? The message that the national media is missing is economics, not politics, will determine who Idaho's next leaders will be.

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