If you've lived in the Treasure Valley for more than a cup of coffee, you know that we are a community that takes care of its own. Year after year, we see food drives, toy drives, radiothons, and other charity events break their previous year's donations. There are so many great charitable organizations that do fantastic work for women, children, veterans, the elderly, and sick people. It's hard not to be touched by the amount of giving that happens here. This generosity is something that we do because we genuinely want to help each other. It's not done to draw attention to ourselves, even though sometimes it's hard for people not to notice. Our big hearts have put us on a new list of the most generous states. No, we're not number one but second behind Utah isn't bad at all.

Zippia.com ranked each state by the percentage of donated income, the percentage of people who volunteer, and the number of volunteer hours donated in a year. With those numbers in place, they ranked each state. 35 percent of Idahoans volunteer somewhere, and almost 57.5 volunteer hours are spent in Idaho, the second-most in the country.

Courtesy: Zippia.com
Courtesy: Zippia.com

It's nice to see that all of the hard work we do because we want to, is appreciated and recognized, even if that's not why we do it. Who wouldn't want to live in a place like this with its natural beauty that pales compared to its residents?

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