T'was but the night before the PSL's return, when all through the yard, not a leave was blowing, the sky filled with smog...

...ok, so I'm not a very good poet. But be honest, with as gloomy as the sky looks due to the wildfire smoke settling into the Treasure Valley, you're feeling some serious fall vibes! Plus, tomorrow is the date we anticipate Pumpkin Spice Lattes returning to Starbucks. Temperatures are about to plummet 20º by next Monday. It just feels right to get excited about fall and spooky season!

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Speaking of spooky season, did you know How the Grinch Stole Christmas has a Halloween themed prequel?! If you're in utter shock and just gasped "WHAT?!," know that you're not alone. That was news to me too!

It's called Halloween is Grinch Night. Written 20 years after the original, it aired as an animated TV special on ABC in 1977. The producers had to replace Boris Karloff as the voice of the title character since he passed away in 1969. Hans Conreid took over the role. Thurl Ravenscroft, who's voice you know very well from Christmas season on 107.9 LITE-FM, continued to provide singing vocals for the prequel.

Like the original, the Grinch is out to ruin things for Whoville but it's not Cindy Lou who brings a halt to his exploits this time around. That's up to Euchariah Who.

You're curious now, aren't you? Well, to watch it you can do one of two things. You can try to snag a pre-owned VHS copy of it off of eBay...or you can just watch it below. The Emmy Winning movie is on YouTube in it's entirety!


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