If you're an owner of a Hyndai Tucson SUV, the automaker is warning you to park your car outside “out of an abundance of caution," as there could be a chance your vehicle catches fire. Hyundai has issued it's second warning of the month as they are recall about 180,000 Tucson SUVs from the 2019-2021 model years. This comes just months after Hyundai recalled nearly 430,000 cars for almost the same problem.

Due to an electrical short in some of the car's computer, vehicles could catch fire. Residue and corrosion can accumulate and cause an electrical short, especially in heat and humidity even if engines are off. The engine may start smoking or you may notice a burning or melting odor. Even if you notice the anti-lock brake warning light come on, then your SUV should not be driven and you should disconnect the positive cable on the battery. You should also reach out to a Hyundai dealer who will provide you with a loaner vehicle if needed.

According to the Associated Press, Hyundai has reported they know of a dozen engine fires caused by the problem. Thankfully no one has been hurt from this. Hyundai says it will notify owners of the recall by mail starting around Oct. 30. However, you can be proactive and key in your 17-digit vehicle identification number at www.hyundaiusa.com/recalls to see if your Tucson is affected at all. Hyundai also said it’s investigating whether the same problem is happening in other countries.

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