Had it not been for a life saving tip from my aunt, a former nurse, there's no way that I would've passed Biology II my sophomore year. 

When I was in high school, I lived for my science classes. Putting together my lengthy presentation on SARS and infectious diseases was one of my favorite projects. I could balance equations in Chemistry with the best of them. I even did pretty well in Physics even thought the math killed me.

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However, there were a couple of projects I just couldn't stomach. Quite honestly, the fact that I was grossed out by them should've been an indication that my life long dream of becoming a veterinarian wasn't going to pan out. I dreaded anytime we had a dissection project and leaned heavily on my partner to do the cutting and organ removal. I handled filling out the questions on the lab report.

Of all the dissections I had to be part of, the fetal pig was probably the worst. We did it over a series of weeks and the smell got worse every time we unsealed the bag. My aunt eventually told me to smear Vick's Vapor Rub under my nose so that I couldn't smell it. Worked like a charm!

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