I thought about doing an article rating restaurants on their health department score, then found out the health department here doesn't hand out a score. CDC has a 1-46 scoring system, where each number relates to an infraction. So if your favorite place has a 1, 17, 33 and 41, there are four different things they were found in violation of health codes.

Then after seeing the number, you have to go to a different section to see what your number is. I really like a color of number system, where the restaurant is rated something like "!0" great place to eat to "1" being somewhere you would only send your in-laws. Ok just my mother-in-law, or colors, like "Blue" being the greatest place on earth to "puke brown", being puke brown.

Since we don't have that system and since there are over 3,500 restaurants in ADA county alone, the best we can do is let you know the place you can put in your favorite place and see how they rate.

Click here to find out how your favorite restaurant did in their health inspection.

Make sure you share your place and how they did.

Kevin Mee