It's never too cold for ice cream.  We might eat it by the cozy fire during the winter months, but it's still top comfort food, and Boise is picking one unique flavor over all the rest.

The best part of mixing up a cake is licking the bowl, and purposefully leaving an indulgent amount of extra batter in there so we're really getting something. And then we scoop a little more on the soft rubber spatula and bite down so it feels similar to letting a piece of chocolate melt in our mouths.  It's a moment.  There's an art to consuming cake batter, but eating it in the form of ice cream might save us a few steps and feel less weird.

According to our friends at Cold Stone Creamery, Cake Batter is the most popular flavor in Boise, and it's the most popular flavor in all of America too.  It might not be the first ice cream flavor we think of, but apparently, once we try it we'll be hooked.  And it's more satisfying than licking the spatula.

Coming in second was Chocolate. And French Vanilla was third.  Sweet Cream took fourth place, and Cheesecake was fifth.  A five-scoop bowl that allows us to mix up our own chocolate-sweet cream-cake batter-vanilla-cheesecake sounds good too.  A little bit of everything on the same spoon.

The rest of the top ten included Coffee, Strawberry, Mint. Cookie Dough and Cotton Candy, according to Cold Stone Creamery's most-loved list.

For mix-ins, most people are picking brownies, and then Oreos, cookie dough, caramel, and fudge. These things have helped us through the pandemic.

On Monday of this week, I posted an article that said we tend to burn more calories when we're cold, so I'm thinking winter temperatures combined with ice cream consumption will be great for our metabolism.  Ice cream calories can't get a grip if we're shivering the whole time we're eating a bowl, right?  That's how it works out in my head anyway.

Today's high will be around 40, so it's ice cream by the fire for most of us.  If you don't feel like making a cake, Cold Stone Creamery has locations in Nampa, Meridian, and Boise.

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